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November 3, 2012

Glasgow City Council Candidates Respond



Q. If elected, what are the measures you will propose in order to address these issues?

A. Firstly, I would assess the current funding to see where the money the city operates on comes from. Secondly, I would research additional funding opportunities, such as grants and partnerships; specifically those that address sewer, water, parks and roads. We also need to place more emphasis on the concept “Buy Local”. Encouraging our residents to support our local businesses not only increases revenue that would stay within the city, but would potentially provide more local jobs for Glasgow residents.

Q. If elected would you be more in favor of budget cuts or tax increases in order to balance the budget?

A. I don't think there should be any tax increases without a detailed and transparent review of the current departmental budgets. We need to ensure each department be responsible stewards of taxpayers money, emphasizing that accountability comes with responsibility. I would challenge those in charge to produce a responsible budget which they can stay within while providing the necessary services to meet the needs of our residents. In addition everyone should continue to look at ways to become more efficient.

Q. If cuts are needed to balance the budget are these specific departments in which you feel cuts could be made?

A. Only after a detailed review of current spending should any decision of this nature, be made. I am sure that all of our departments need more money, not less, to continue to provide the necessary public services required to keep the city moving forward. That being said, sacrifices may be necessary if the money is just not available.

Q. What do you believe it the public's role in city government and city council?

A. Our government is a democracy based on the concept of rule of the people by the people. Elected officials are there to represent those that voted them into office, therefore the public's role is one of great importance. The City Council needs to encourage local residents to become active stake-holders in the governing process.

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