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November 3, 2012

Glasgow City Council Candidates Respond



Q: If cuts are needed to balance the budget, are there specific departments in which you feel cuts could be made?

A: Having not previously served on City Council, I have not yet reviewed each city department in detail. There are likely cost saving measures which could be taken throughout the city. I look forward to being a new set of eyes on the budget.  I have significant experience with preparing budgets and feel very comfortable reviewing them in detail.

Q: What do you believe is the public’s role in city government and city council?

A: I feel it is the public’s role to stay aware of how the city is growing, progressing and being run.  It is then their responsibility to voice their concerns in a respectful, responsible manner and to make suggestions for remedy. If elected I will be available to the citizens of Glasgow to listen to concerns, ideas and possible solutions.

Q: Do you think there should be an increase or decrease in the public’s role in government?

A: I would like to see an increase in the public’s role in government. Only a small percentage of the community serves in a government position, but the decisions which are made effect us all. Although we currently hold public hearings regarding specific issues, I would like to see annual town hall meetings where the public is encouraged to come and voice their concerns and ideas for Glasgow. We have many progressive, visionary thinkers within our city who could lend ideas and suggestions to those of us in the position to make things happen. An increase in the public’s role would allow for heightened awareness and intuition of the city’s leaders.

Q: Would you be in favor of reducing the number of council members? If so, would you favor a seven or nine-member council?

A: I would be in favor of reducing the number of city council members.  In comparison with cities our size, our council is typically larger. It would be prudent when balancing the budget necessitates further cuts, to reduce the number of council members. It would be wise to first reduce the number to nine. In addition to council meetings, council members serve on numerous boards and committees throughout the city. Compacting this large responsibility down to a significantly fewer number of council members all at once could be detrimental to the functioning and productivity of many of those boards.

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