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November 3, 2012

Glasgow City Council Candidates Respond



Q: What do you believe is the public’s role in city government and city council?

A: I think the public’s role is important in city government. The public should be active with the city council and the mayor, and serve on various boards, as well as offer suggestions, in that fresh ideas are always an asset to city government.

Q: Do you think there should be an increase or decrease in the public’s role in government?

A: I think there should be an increase in the public’s role in city government, in that they should voice their opinions and offer suggestions. The city council can then research their ideas and see if it would be effective and efficient to put in place.

Q: Would you be in favor of reducing the number of council members? If so, would you favor a seven or nine-member council?

A: Four years ago I was against reducing city council, because I felt the newly elected councilmen should have a chance to contribute. Therefore in order to save money we reduced our income package. However, I am now in favor of reducing the council number to nine. Currently, you have ¾ of the council members that appears to do 95 percent of the work. Therefore it would appear that nine council members can do the work, so I would be in favor of reducing the number, especially if those nine would participate and do the necessary work.

Q: Would you be in favor of splitting the city into districts from which each city council member would be elected?

A: No, I do not believe in a town the size of Glasgow districting would be good for the city in that now you have 12 councilmen that you can address issues to. If it was in districts the the stronger councilman, those that work daily and attend committee meetings, would have their districts at an advantage over a popular councilman who was elected to a district but did not participate in daily work and committee meetings.

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