Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

February 19, 2013

Impeach Obama group has local demonstration

Glasgow Daily Times


Signs along the sidewalk in front of the U.S. Post Office on West Main Street Tuesday beckoned motorists to impeach President Barack Obama.

The signs, one of which featured the president wearing a mustache similar to the one Adolf Hitler wore, were put up by Jenny Burns and Alan Egre, both of Michigan, who work for the LaRouchePAC, a political activist group started by Lyndon LaRouche.

While neither Burns nor Egre would speak to the media about why they were protesting the president and wishing to have him impeached, they did refer all questions to their organization’s headquarters.

Angela Vullo, a LaRouchePAC representative, stated in a telephone interview that the LaRouchePAC is in the midst of a national campaign “to shift the policies of Obama.”

One of the policies the political activist group would like to see changed deals with banking.

“We don’t support the bail out of the Wall Street banks and the austerity,” she said.

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