Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

February 21, 2014

Fire destroys home of seven

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — Jamie Scott said the only items she recognized among the ashes of her former home was the framework of her former appliances.

“We were doing a rent-to-own and we could not have renter’s insurance,” Scott said. “We lost everything but our vehicles and what we were wearing.”

She lost her residence at 3177 Rocky Hill Road early Wednesday afternoon. Not only is she displaced, but so is her fiance, Loren Posey; family friend, Mike Mauldin; Daylin Posey, 12; Caleb Posey, 10; Brandon McFarland, 19; and Christopher McFarland, 14.

Shortly before the fire occurred, Scott said, her family delivered hogs to a home about 10 minutes away. No one was home during the time of the fire.

After they unloaded the hogs, they received a phone call from a neighbor, telling them about a house fire. At first, the family didn’t think it was their home because of the way the neighbor described it. But they decided to go back to their residence to see what was going on in the neighborhood.

When they reached the top of a hill about a half-mile away from their home, they knew it was their house.

“We just all bawled, started crying and lost it,” Scott said.

Scott said once they got closer, she knew it was a total loss because she saw the house being devoured by flames.

She said she almost decided to stay home with her 19-year-old son instead of helping to deliver the hogs because she was expecting gravel to be delivered later in the day.

Her fiance said they would only be gone for a short time, so they went along with him. She said because she was in a hurry, she left her purse inside and the doors unlocked.

Scott’s vehicles were not damaged because of a neighbor named Alvin Young, she said.

“We had the keys in the vehicle,” Scott said. “I have a ‘99 white Jimmy four-wheel drive and it was parked in my driveway at the house. ... Alvin jumped in it and moved it down the road so it wouldn’t catch on fire ... and our Chevrolet truck in the driveway and got it moved down the road. If he wouldn’t have moved the Jimmy, the Jimmy would have been burned. My vehicle was pulled next to a water tank. [The fire] melted that tank. We would have lost the Jimmy and maybe the Chevrolet truck if it wasn’t for Alvin.”

Tony Piper, fire chief at South Barren Volunteer Fire Department, said he wasn’t sure what caused the blaze.

The American Red Cross arranged for the family to stay at a Days Inn until Sunday, she said. After that, they are planning to stay with her father.

Scott said there is an account set up at Citizens Bank for individuals wanting to donate to the family. She said to make checks payable to Brandon McFarland and write “Posey, Scott fire fund” in the memo. Citizens First Bank could not be reached by press time to verify that information.

Scott said people can call her at 270-670-9049 if they want to donate items.

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