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January 14, 2014

More Q&A with new T.J. Samson Community Hospital interim CEO

GLASGOW — This is Part 2 of a three-part interview. Part 3 will be published in Wednesday’s edition.

Q: Approximately how many physicians are involved in T.J. Health Partners now?

A: Counting hospitalists, it would be about 47.

Q: Are their additional specialities you would like to see be added into the program that aren’t here yet?

A: Our No. 1 need is a neurologist … and they’re very difficult to come by. … In May, Dr. Kummerfeldt will be here and he’s going to be our second pulmonologist. Are you familiar with Dr. [Sudheer] Nambiar? He is a pulmonologist – a very busy pulmonologist – a very good pulmonologist – and with the COPD because of the types of diseases we have here related to smoking, he is slammed. Having a second pulmonologist here is really going to make us – It’s going to be easier to get into see a pulmonologist having him here.

Now, at the same time, much as has been in several instances with the growth of T.J. Health Partners, Dr. Kummerfeldt’s wife is an internist and the best hospitalists are internists, so she’s going to step right into our hospitalists program. She is one of the ones who’s going to be completing a complement of hospitalists when she comes. So, we have Dr. Nambiar, when I was speaking of his wife, Dr. [Asha] Karippot. She’s an oncologist and people just really love her. That’s the point I’m trying to say. When two of those come knocking on the door, you can’t say, “Well, I’m sorry. I don’t have room in the inn for you. Come back later.” Because they’ll get vacuumed up in a day. Those folks, the demand is there and certainly with a full complement of hospitalists and we have a cardiac doctor whose wife is a hospitalist too. I guess they meet in medical school or whatever, but it’s been really good for us to be able to recruit one and then it seems like, “Hey, here’s another one.” That makes sense.

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