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June 17, 2014

Cave City Convention Center director given 5-year contract

CAVE CITY — The contract of Cave City Convention Center’s executive director was renewed for another five years Tuesday afternoon by members of the Cave City Convention Center and Tourism Commission.

Sharon Tabor, executive director of the convention center, has been in her current position for 18 months, filling a vacancy left by the resignation of Tim Riddle in June 2012.

“I think we’ve achieved a lot in 18 months and I look forward to achieving more in the next five years,” Tabor said, after the meeting.

The board of directors met in closed session to discuss the details of her contract, but before adjourning the open session it reviewed suggestions made by Tabor for changes to the contract.

Most of the changes were minor, referencing words that had been either omitted in her original contract or needed to be changed to add clarity.

Of all the suggested changes, the one the board had the most trouble with was the one involving the length of her contract. They discussed the change after resuming their open session before voting to approve the contract.

Tabor suggested her contract be renewed for a five-year period, with an annual review being conducted in June of each year.

Her original contract stated her term of employment was to be from Oct. 15, 2012 to June 30, 2014, with an annual review being conducted in June of each year.

Some board members thought that a five-year extension was too long.

“Just from the standpoint, should something happen and you want to terminate someone under contract, that can be perceived with a lot of problems involved in that,” said commissioner Greg Davis. “That’s why I would be opposed to the five years.”

Cave City Mayor Dwayne Hatcher, who is a non-voting member of the board, said he agreed with Davis.

“Five years is a long time, folks,” he said. “In five years, a lot of things can happen. If you do it year-to-year and everything is going good, you just keep redoing it anyway.”

Tabor earns a salary of $45,000 per year, and receives a bonus based on the collection of rental fees.

Tabor asked the contract be changed in the bonus she is to receive. Her original contract stated she is to receive 7 percent of the rental fees over $150,000 per year and that the bonus it to be paid at the end of the fiscal year. Instead, she asked the contract be changed so it states she is to receive a bonus of 5 percent of the net rental fees collected by the commission that exceed $100,000 per year payable at the end of the fiscal year.

She also asked for a change in the stipend she receives in lieu of health insurance.

Her original contract stated she is to receive a stipend of $1,800 per year in lieu of health insurance. Tabor asked that the contract state she is to receive a stipend not to exceed $500 per month in lieu of health insurance in order to be equal to other convention center employees.

Commissioners voted five to one to approve Tabor’s contract, accepting all changes, including the extension of her contract for a five-year period.

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