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July 2, 2014

Tompkinsville: City looks at water options

TOMPKINSVILLE — Tompkinsville city commissioners have expressed interest in working with the Monroe County Water District to find a new water source for the city.

Water district officials recently approached city commissioners with a proposal that calls for Tompkinsville, as well as Fountain Run and the water district, to purchase water from a water commission.

The water commission would own a raw water intake facility that would be built in the eastern portion of Monroe County at the Cumberland River.

According to Tompkinsville commissioner Sherry Crawford, the water district presented the Tompkinsville City Commission with the proposal a few weeks ago.

“We signed a letter of interest and sent it back to them and they've not gotten back to us,” she said.  

The water district now buys water at a wholesale rate from Tompkinsville. Fountain Run buys water at a wholesale rate from the Glasgow Water Co.

Tompkinsville's water source is its city lake located on Mill Creek Road.

“Their (water) plant is getting close to 50 years old and treatment is not what it should be,” said Ricky Ross, general manager of the water district. “I think they are finally seeing the light and looking down the road.”

The water district's proposal also calls for the formation of an advisory committee that would include one appointee each from the water district, Fountain Run and Tompkinsville.

According to Ross, the water district and Fountain Run have already made their appointments. Tompkinsvile has not made its appointment, Crawford said.  

Eventually, the advisory committee could consist of six members, he said.

Construction of a raw water intake facility has been discussed by city and county officials for quite some time.

Originally, the water district proposed building the raw water intake facility and selling water at a wholesale rate to Tompkinsville and Fountain Run.

Tompkinsville then proposed building the raw water intake facility and selling water at a wholesale rate to the water district.

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