Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

May 16, 2014

Local candidates file updated financial reports

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — Glasgow Mayor Rhonda Riherd Trautman raised more money than primary opponent Dick Doty in the span between the most recent campaign finance reports, but Doty still has an advantage of nearly $3,000 in total receipts.

According to 15-day pre-election reports that were due May 5 to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, Trautman’s only receipt since she filed a 32-day report April 18 is a $1,000 contribution from Trautman herself. Doty, a Glasgow city councilman, raised $250 since his 32-day report.

That puts Trautman with total receipts of $8,795, while Doty has raised $11,600. Overall, Trautman has outspent Doty $7,645.12 to $7,202.47.

Candidates must file spending reports only if they expect to spend more than $3,000 in the primary. Neither Joe Ganci nor David Slayton, who are also running for mayor, had filed reports as of Friday afternoon. Although the reports were due May 5, candidates had a grace period until May 12.

Primary election day is Tuesday.

Barren County judge-executive

Each candidate for Barren County judge-executive who filed a 32-day report also filed a 15-day report, but processing was incomplete for some as of Friday afternoon, according to the KREF website.

According to his 15-day report, Democrat W.R. “Bud” Tarry leads fundraising with a total of $9,691.85, at least $9,591 of which was contributed by Tarry himself. He has spent $9,354.17 on the race.

Democrat Zack Kender reported $6,847.43 in receipts and $5,299.43 in spending in his 32-day report. His 15-day report had been received but not processed. Same for Democrat Brian “Scott” Taylor, who had $1,670 in receipts and $1,629.40 in spending as of the 32-day report.

Democrat Chris Steward had spent $6,617 according to the 32-day report, which Steward said was all out of his own pocket, as the report shows no receipts. His 15-day report shows minus-$6,617 as the beginning and ending balances, with no spending or receipts.

Democrat Micheal Hale has filed no reports, according to the website.

Republican David Honeycutt had $3,800 in receipts and $3,649.79 in spending as of the 32-day report. That ending balance of $150.21 was the carryover beginning balance and the ending balance in the 15-day report, which showed no new receipts or disbursements.

Neither Bob Strickland nor Don “Goose” Gossett – Strickland’s opponents in the GOP primary – had filed reports.

Barren County jailer

Incumbent Barren County Jailer Matt Mutter’s 15-day report was unchanged from his 32-day report, which showed $4,000 in receipts and $2,892.61 in spending, with a balance of $1,107.39.

Mutter’s Democratic opponent, Justin Kirkpatrick, reported $1,121 in receipts and $1,121.57 in spending on his 32-day report. According to the KREF website, his 15-day report had been received but not processed.

Republican Rickey Spillman’s 15-day report was also unchanged since his last report, which showed a total of $1,530 in receipts and no disbursements. GOP candidate Robert “Bob” Wing has filed no statements.

Barren County sheriff

Appointed incumbent Barren County Sheriff Kent Keen, a Democrat, reported no new receipts on his 15-day report, but he had spent $496.50 of the $1,042.82 carryover balance, leaving him with $546.32. His total reported receipts are $3,300, with spending of $2,753.68.

Democrat Shannon White’s 32-day report showed him starting with $1,800, but the KREF site shows no previous reporting period from which that money would have been received. His 32-day report shows no spending, but his 15-day report shows a beginning balance of minus-$8.75, according to the KREF website.

A third Democratic candidate, Dennis Stephens, has no receipts in either report but spending of $1,730 in the 32-day report. His 15-day report has been received but not yet processed.

Republican sheriff candidate Charles “Chuck” Massey, who has no primary challenger, filed a quarterly report in 2013, showing no receipts or disbursements, and has not filed 32-day or 15-day primary reports.