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September 17, 2011

Fatal crash scene investigated

GLASGOW — One day after a two-vehicle wreck that killed a New Jersey woman, Kentucky State Police studied the crash site to figure out exactly what happened on U.S. 31W Thursday afternoon.

State police reconstructionist were on the scene of a crash that occurred on 31W near Old Dixie Highway just outside of Park City. Nurcan Ceylan, 33, of Riverside, N.J., was driving a 2003 Ford Mustang with a passenger, Samuel H. Parker, 54, of Willingboro, N.J., when it collided with a state police cruiser driven by Trooper Jonathan Biven of the KSP Post 3 in Bowling Green. Biven was travelling south on the road when his vehicle crossed the center line and collided with the Mustang, according to a release by the KSP.

Ceylan was flown from the scene by AirMethods to Hardin Memorial Hospital in Elizabethtown, where she was pronounced dead as a result of her injuries. Biven was taken to T.J. Samson Community Hospital where he was treated for minor facial injuries and released.

No clear cause of the crash has been released by the KSP and the investigation continues.

“It’s a puzzle, you know, and we have to look at all these questions as to what really happened,” said Lt. David Jude, commander of the Kentucky State Police Highway Safety Branch. “Was it just a mistake or something else? That’s what we’re looking to find out.”

On the scene, Richard W. Parkos, Sgt. Chad Mills and Master Trooper Eddie Crum set out to diagram the crash and worked with lead investigator, Lt. John Clark, to put the vehicle back into their positions at the time of impact to give a better picture of the collision.

“We put [the collision] at maximum engagement to find the point of force,” said Parkos, collision analyzer.

The way the metal on the car has rippled and the gouge marks on the road give Parkos and the team indications as to where the cars hit, when wheels dislodged, and exactly where the cars were at all times before, during and after the crash.

“What’s so devastating about this is where the [trooper’s car hit],” Parkos said, pointing at the driver’s side of the Mustang. “Another inch or so one way or the other and it could have been a different outcome.”

Biven arrived on the scene as investigators finished their reconstruction, but met immediately with troopers and did not give any comment. He has not been put on mandatory leave, Jude said, and in the case of crashes, it is not policy for a trooper to be put on leave, like in the case of shootings.

“We’re making sure he gets the care that he needs and there is that human element that he will have to deal with this for the rest of his life,” Jude said. “But I feel very confident that the agency will work with him to make sure he’s ready to come back.”

Jude said Biven is “very concerned” and has many questions himself about what happened in the crash.

Ceylan’s passenger, Parker, was not injured. Ceylan, Parker and Biven were all wearing their seatbelt at the time of the collision and alcohol and drug involvement are not suspected as factors, state police said in a statement.

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