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March 29, 2011

Turcotte sworn in as chief

GLASGOW — The members of the Glasgow City Council have spoken in unanimous support of the selection committee’s choice of Guy J. Turcotte as Glasgow’s new police chief.

Turcotte was sworn in during the city council meeting Monday evening following a vote of 12-0 in favor of his appointment. There was only one point of discussion before the vote.

“Are all the members of the committee present? Are they confident that this is our best choice for police chief?” council member Brad Groce asked. The selection committee was made up of Mayor Rhonda Trautman, council member Freddie Norris, City Attorney Ben Rogers and retired State Trooper Tommy Pendleton. Norris affirmed that Turcotte was the best choice, and that was all the council needed. The vote went through smoothly, despite previous expressions of concern over Turcotte’s past.

“All I can do is put my confidence in the committee,” Groce said after the meeting. “It’s all I can do and hopefully they did their homework.”

 Other council members also relied on the committee for information, and said they had faith in the committee’s choice.

“I talked to Freddie and Rhonda this morning,” council member Wendell Honeycutt said. “I was satisfied with what I found online, with what they had to say.”

“I feel good about him,” Council Member Linda Wells said, although she said she had not had an opportunity to talk to Turcotte in depth. “I stand behind the committee ... He was tops on their list.”

Harold Armstrong was the only council member who vocalized concern Monday morning about information presented to him about Turcotte.

He said that it took him all day, but he spoke to people in Florida and other areas where Turcotte worked got some clarification on some of the concerns he had, and also found out he had some incorrect information.

“Some of (the concerns) I couldn’t clarify and some of them I couldn’t explain, but the committee assured me that they had researched all of those avenues and they felt comfortable with the situation ... ” Armstrong said Monday night.

“I think we did verify that (the committee) did research it and they made the right decision,” he said.

Council member Doug Isenberg emphasized that the committee did its job properly to reach the decision of hiring Turcotte.

“We have the committee structure. The committee did their due diligence and reported to (the council) and reported to (the Daily Times) with their recommendation,” Isenberg said.

“The committee did not do this spontaneously ... ” he said. “Who am I to argue with them? It’d show a total lack of confidence if I didn’t show my support.”

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