Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

August 29, 2012

KSP: Victim in cold case was scalped

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — Kentucky State Police have hit a dead end after determining that the woman whose remains were found last August near the Cumberland Parkway was scalped, as well as shot in the head.

The still-unidentified woman was of Native American descent, but was killed within the last two decades, according to KSP Detective Chad Winn of Bowling Green Post 3. Her remains were examined by forensic anthropologists Dr. Emily Craig and Dr. Nancy Ross-Stallings. Craig thought the skull showed evidence of scalping, and sent it to Ross-Stallings. It took a few months to confirm that the woman was definitely scalped, Winn said. The combination of Native American descent and scalping have led to the theory of a hate crime.

“We’re looking at this as a possible hate crime due to the nature of how the remains were found,” Winn said.

Knowing the victim was scalped has not helped the police figure out the most important fact, who she was, according to Winn.

“The first step to this case is identifying the victim and from there we can backtrack and find out who her associates were, who she was living with at the time,” Winn said.

The remains were on the side of the road between one and 15 years, Winn said. Her age is determined to be between 20 and 50, and she was between 5 foot 9 inches and 6 feet tall. Nothing can be narrowed down further than that. The woman was shot, but Winn said they have not been able to figure out a caliber of the gun, and they do not know if she was scalped before or after she was shot. There is no other evidence of injury on the bones.

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