Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

January 17, 2014

Group loses out on grant

Board will regroup, reapply

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — The Sustainable Glasgow organization will reapply for a grant it was recently denied.

The board didn’t receive a $150,000 Kentucky Agricultural Development Grant because it did not have the funds to match that amount. During a meeting Thursday, board members discussed their plan of action, said Jerry Ralston, president of Sustainable Glasgow.

“[Brent Lackey] is going to help us to work on documents needed for the grant application. ... We’re not going to do anything until we can have a working session with this gentleman,” Ralston said.

Bill Green, board member for Sustainable Glasgow, said Lackey is a business development specialist with the Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development.

“He is going to come work with us to put together a business plan and hopefully then develop it into a budget and into a feasibility-type study idea,” Green said.

Ralston said the board knew it needed to have matching funds in order to receive the grant, “but it was the opinion of our board that we needed to go on and make the initial application.”

The funds were intended to be used to purchase the former location of PJ’s College of Cosmetology on the Glasgow Public Square, Ralston said.

“We had made a $2,500 down payment ... to hold the building for six months. The building would be used to house the Bounty of the Barrens vendors throughout the year,” Ralston said. “We probably won’t be able to purchase any building without a grant. We don’t have the funds to purchase the building. That’s why we applied for the grant.”

He said the board will “very possibly” reapply for the grant before the six months is over, which will be sometime in May.

Meanwhile, Ralston said he has been approached by other people in Glasgow about other buildings, Ralston said.

“We’re going to be looking into what opportunities they may or not present to us,” he said.

Ralston said other subjects were discussed during the meeting as well.

“We’re going to ask fiscal court again for the use of the courthouse lawn to set up our market for the summer. This is something we do each year. They’ve always granted that. I will be going before fiscal courts to ask them,” he said. “...And we’ve begun to develop our budget for the next fiscal year and we should be approving that at our next meeting.

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