Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

December 4, 2012

Bobcat found in Glasgow

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — Don and Denise Bowles had no idea what animal control officers were doing when they caught a glimpse of them walking through their yard Monday afternoon, so they went out to investigate.

They soon learned why the officers were there.

The animal control officers had been summoned by the Bowles' neighbors, James and Danielle Isenberg, who live on Trigg Court, to capture a bobcat.

“I never thought something like that would be running around in town,” said Don.

The bobcat was actually caught by the Isenberg's dog.

“Our Husky caught him this morning,” said Danielle. “We saw him playing with something.”

Bobcats have a distinctive call.

“My husband heard him screaming when he was leaving for work, but we thought he had gotten out of the yard,” said Danielle. “We had penned our dog up. We thought [the bobcat] had gotten out of the yard and let our dog back out [and] he caught him again. So, I penned the dog up, cornered the bobcat and gave [the bobcat] a bowl of water. He's been out here all day.”

When asked what the bobcat sounded like, Danielle said with a laugh, “That classic bobcat scream. I'm not going to imitate it.”

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