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March 27, 2014

Metcalfe County School System's LPC asks for input on district’s future

No members of the public attend forum

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — Metcalfe County School System’s Local Planning Committee hosted a public forum Thursday night to gain input regarding its proposed school facilities plan.

Members of the LPC committee turned out, but no one from the general public was present.

 The lack of input from the public is not new.

Chris Huffman, director of pupil personnel for the school system and facilitator of Thursday night’s meeting, said it is not uncommon for the general public not to turn out for the forums.

Huffman stated during the forum he had heard from one local business leader regarding the proposed school facilities plan.   

“He thinks it is a great idea. He commended us for trying to get our kids into a building that is under one roof and saving the county and taxpayers’ money,” Huffman said. “That is the only feedback I’ve gotten back so far from people in the community.”

Members of the committee also shared they have yet to hear negative comments regarding the proposed school facilities plan.

The project being considered by the committee as a top priority after the 2012 biennium calls for major renovation of the recently constructed Metcalfe County Primary Center.

The primary center, which opened in August 2013, is currently being used to educate students in preschool through the second grade. Renovation of the school will make it large enough to educate students in preschool through the fifth grade, eliminating the need for the Metcalfe County Intermediate Center.

 Renovating the primary center will allow the school system to do two things. One of which is  streamlining the education process for elementary students, Huffman said.

“Also, it allows us to get our kids out of that intermediate center, where it is a podded building, where kids have to go outside,” he said.

The intermediate center, which was formerly Edmonton Elementary, consists of pods, which are separate buildings connected by a series of sidewalks. Students currently move from one pod to the other throughout the school day.

The estimated cost of renovating the primary center is $7.2 million.

Other capital projects included in the proposed plan for the time frame after the 2012 biennium call for major renovations at the middle and high schools.

Capital projects in the plan that can be undertaken at any time include the installation of white boards districtwide, the relocation of the school system’s central office to the building that now houses the intermediate center, construction of a new bus garage and improvements to the technology annex.

The LPC committee plans to present the proposed plan to members of the board of education at their April 8 meeting.

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