Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

January 18, 2013

Glasgow minister and family arraigned after arrest

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — When three particular defendants left Barren District Court on Friday with their attorney, a string of people quickly left the audience – right behind them.

As the collection of several ministers and others from churches in the Glasgow area reached the front porch of the Barren County Courthouse, they explained their presence to the Louisville attorney representing Matias Dimas Miranda, his wife, Rufina Jehaneth “Janet” Nolasco-Zacario, and their daughter, Gabriela J. Miranda, who all had just pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree disorderly conduct and resisting arrest at their arraignment.

“We’re here to support Dimas because we know him. We’ve known him 15 years,” Mike Padgett, pastor of Glasgow Bible Church told attorney Joe Blandford.

While eight people were on the porch after the court proceeding, Padgett said he had seen closer to 20 people he believed were there for the Mirandas.

“We want this done right,” he said, adding that if any character witnesses would be needed in a trial scheduled for May16, they would be available for Dimas Miranda, pastor of Iglesia Emanuel in Glasgow, and his family.

The charges stem from a Dec. 23 incident at Kmart, when two people the family knows were being taken into custody by Glasgow Police Department officers because of outstanding warrants, and the duo was given the opportunity to call someone to pick up their juvenile, according to GPD Chief Guy Turcotte’s summary of his response to a complaint the family filed with regard to their treatment during the course of the evening. The Miranda family arrived at Kmart in response to this call, according to multiple GPD documents.

What happened after that is in dispute. The family members have said they were treated harshly. For example, Gabriela Miranda has told the Glasgow Daily Times that her hair was pulled, and the family members each submitted a complaint against GPD on Dec. 26.

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