Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

January 3, 2013

Furnace fire causes damage to mobile home

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — A Glasgow family stood in the cold evening air Thursday, wondering aloud where they would be spending the night after a fire had spread through most, if not all, of the mobile home purchased just about a month ago.

George Yates, of 1104 Columbia Ave., Lot 44, was the only one of the four residents there when it started. His fiancee, her two teenage daughters and one of the daughters’ boyfriend, who visited frequently, had gone to get some food for dinner.

Yates explained that the blower motor on the gas wall furnace near the home’s back door had stopped working, and a friend had loaned him a motor of the same kind. The fan on it was working, but Yates said it was making a noise and he was making adjustments to try to get rid of the sound.

“I was standing there working on it, and it caught on fire,” he said.

Yates said he went and asked a neighbor to call for help and returned to his home to continue trying to put out the fire and/or salvage what he could. At some point he had the presence of mind to turn off his main electrical breaker.

“I knew I was fixing to lose everything I’ve got, which I did,” he said, his voice cracking, as he reflected on how this new-to-him home was supposed to improve their living conditions. “I was living down here in (Unit) 41, and I bought this one to try to do better.”

No person was injured, although Yates’ comments were punctuated with coughing. “I’m feeling better than I did; when I first came out, I couldn’t breathe or anything. I couldn’t see.”

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