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December 29, 2012

No water, no gas heat: Woman asks Tompkinsville City Commission for exception on utility bills

GLASGOW — Loretta Walker, who has no water and no gas heat, begged Tompkinsville city commissioners Thursday night for help.

Walker’s gas and water were recently disconnected because she owes more than $600 in delinquent utility bills.

Because Walker owes a large amount for past due utilities, the current water and gas meters where she lives are registered in her son’s name.

“The situation is my water and gas was in my son’s name because I realize I owe an old bill,” she said. “I’m willing to pay on it, but I cannot pay the amount that I owe in one chunk. I’m on disability and I don’t have that kind of money.”

Walker is having to haul water from another source to wash dishes and flush her commode. She and her 13-year-old daughter are having to go elsewhere to take showers. They are heating their home with electric heaters, which she says is more costly than gas heat.

Walker’s son moved out of his mother’s house in early December. Two days later he called Tompkinsville City Hall and had the gas and water at his mother’s house disconnected.

Walker told commissioners she continued to pay for the gas and water services, even though the meters were not in her name during the time her son and his girlfriend lived with her.

“I want to see if I could make arrangements, somehow, to pay so much down on it, whatever I can come up with,” she said.

Walker continued she would be willing to pay the $175 to have the water and gas turned back on, plus what her son owed, as well as what she owed if the utilities could be registered in her name.

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