Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

November 20, 2013

2:55 AFTERNOON UPDATE: WKU-Glasgow students publish in "Broomsedge Chronicles"

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — A new edition of Broomsedge Chronicles is now available. It’s 237 pages are written by students in WKU-Glasgow English classes with a focus on foods. There are more than 100 food stories on such topics as, hunting and fishing, gardening, canning and freezing, raising all the food on the family farm, a town cannery, fruits (strawberries, blackberries, watermelons, and bananas), chickens and turkeys, pork and beef, dairy farming, hog killings, moonshine, a lunchroom lady, a football coach feeding the team, local food pantries, restaurants local and elsewhere, chitlins, poke salad, nut allergies, homemade biscuits, Mennonite food, a local Paula Deen, a candy man, molasses, homemade ice cream, chocolate gravy, chocolate milk on picture day, chocolate bars on the battlefield, cooking for the army officers and their wives, eating healthy, FDA rules, losing one hundred pounds, sustainability, homemade noodles, boiled country ham, twice-baked potatoes, kolaches, two sisters' holiday food rivalry, and family holiday food traditions.

The 24th edition of Broomsedge Chronicles may be purchased at WKU-Glasgow for $10, which is below cost, thanks to a grant from the WKU Division of Extended Learning and Outreach. A few remaining copies of previous issues may also be purchased in the WKU-Glasgow Library for $5, and reprints of other issues are available from Gorin Publishing (270-651-9114).

The WKU-Glasgow students whose stories are included in this issue, as well as the people they

interviewed, are listed below:

ADAIRVILLE: Loretta Ross;

ALLEN COUNTY: Cody D. Harper, Eugene Harper, Rusty Harper;

BARREN COUNTY: Paulette Neal, Haley Ladd, Andrea Meadows, Kenzie Nuckols, Greg Nuckols,

Lindsey Tyler, Sherrie Rae Hodge Anderson, Roy Hodge, Emma Dieterich, Erika Dieterich, Lisa Sexton,

Mary England, Aimee Thompson;

BENTON: Pat Gamble;

BONNIEVILLE: Earl Wiefek, Jr., Viola Mabe, Alex Nunn;

BOWLING GREEN: Samantha Thurston, Laymon Wilkerson;

BURKESVILLE: Seth Norris, Gail Riddle;

CAVE CITY: Tommy Hatcher, David Parsley, Bart Weaver, Aimee Thompson, Andrea

Parsley, Donna Ballard, Lisa Phalen, Phyllis Ferreira;

CLARKSON: Tammy Webb;

COLUMBIA: Justin Branham, Kenny Neal, Keiven Sneed, William Sneed, Tashina Spoon, Mike Spoon, Malisha Hatcher,

Brenda Hatcher, Donita Spoon, Betty Jo Sneed, Carol Bledsoe; CUB RUN: Debbie Gibson;

CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Elvin Milam, Gwen Rogers Milam, Jessica Anderson, Lisa Humphrey Mackey;

DRAKESBORO: Kasie Pointer;

DRY FORK: Krissy Parker;


Vincent; EDMONTON: Della Marie Vibbert, Chantell Jessie;

FINNEY: Doris “Henrietta” Green;

FOUNTAIN RUN: Joyce Carver, Amanda Carney;

FREEDOM: Joan Kessler;

GLASGOW: Thomas Parker, Heather Scott, Ronnie Scott, Caroline Frankenburg, Cindy Frankenburg, Jessica Akin, Melissa

Lutterman, Pete and Darlene Coomer, Tyler Muse, Donna Muse, Tracy L. Smith, Marissa Cross, Janice

Hines, Brittany Likens, Donna Likens, Andrea Meadows, Sherry Powell, Bill Bowman, Mandy Houchens,

Misty Froggett, Tyler Jolly, Tammy Jolly, Sarah Crews, Joey Crews, Trevor Davis, Gary Davis, Donna

Ballard, Shawna Hodges, Jean Coffey, Kenneth Lane, Alice Lane, Amber Chapman, Doug Landers,

Shawna Hodges, Donnie Thurman, Marcella Lynn Thurman, Jonathon Crump, Eric Rutherford, Alysia

Read, Shannon Read, A. D. Herndon, Carolyn Arnold, David Arnold, David Glass, Wandaline McCoy,

Behija Trcic, Whitney Manion, Benny Manion, Cheyenne Groce, Eva Wheeler, Brenda Ballard, Michelle

Smith, Lacey Harper, Veronika Wells, Jackie Wells, Shaylin McGuire, Indy McGuire, Jaclyn Jones,

Margaret Eddings, Alex Taylor, Jackie Taylor; GREENSBURG: Crystal Burriss, Keaton Druin, Erin Druin


GRIDER: Sammy Norris;

HARDYVILLE: R. L. Kitchen, Joey Sexton:

HART COUNTY: John Sexton, Mallory Dennison, Kathy Rountree, Kenneth Minor, Shelly Green, Charles McCubbins;

HESTAND: Andrea Richardson, L. R. Richardson;

HISEVILLE: Brittany Gibson;

HORSE CAVE: Seth Wilson, Katara Reynolds, Raymond Reynolds, Debra Simmons, Arletta Bradley, MaHaley Neal, Chelsea

Ballard, Dennis Trent, Brooke Waters, Brittany Horsley, Charles Stanush; LARUE COUNTY: Fran Riggs-


LOUISVILLE: Richard Vincent;

MAGNOLIA: Terri Robertson, Michelle Emmerling;

NORTHTOWN: Sydney “Jam” Maulden, Shirley Maulden;

PARK CITY: Cassandra Cooper, Tara Granke, Key and Lonnie Perdue, Nicole Scoggins, Beverly Scoggins, Jordan Chapman, Brandi Deshea Green,

Leticia Poteet;

PEA RIDGE: Evelyn Finley;

PRICEVILLE: Ida Cottrell;


RUSSELL SPRINGS: Quenton Stephens;

SCOTTSVILLE: Josh Jones, Jeff Jones, Tracy Dillard, Grant Dillard, Naomi Walden, Patti Gregory, Angela Patrick, Nicole Hackert Isenburg, Rose Coffee;

SHADY GROVE (GREEN COUNTY); Daisy Matthews, Mack Matthews;

SUMMER SHADE: Tinamarie Billingsley, Danny Billingsley, Jim Ellis, Deborah Tharpe, Lauren Coley;

TEMPLE HILL: Brent Buckley, Jean Buckley;

TOMPKINSVILLE: Unico Pitcock, Mary Jewell Cordingley, Joe Wilder, Eva Ford, Chandler Crowe, Ernest Crowe, Hannah Hagan, Roxie Sprowls, James Coley;

UNO: Shannon Matthews, Gayle Jones South;

ILLINOIS: Ruth Miller;

TENNESSEE: Brittney Halsell, Carol Sue Reecer Jolin, Mary Manion, Joyce Manion, Lovie Dulworth;

TEXAS: Kasey Whitaker