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January 9, 2014

‘The number you have dialed is incorrect’

10-digit calling begins Feb. 1

GLASGOW — Callers inside the 270 area code will soon be required to dial extra digits.

Starting Feb. 1, people must dial the full 10-digit telephone number when calling another 270 number because a new 364 area code is being added to the coverage area, said Michelle Tonietti-Goodman, group manager of marketing and sales support for Bluegrass Cellular.

“One of the things we’ve been educating and communicating to our customers as early as the end of last year is to start looking at all their phone numbers inside their phones and start adding the 270 area code to those numbers,” Tonietti-Goodman said. “Even ones that are saved in their contact list.

“I would just encourage customers to start dialing 10 digits now to make it easier on themselves. Obviously, the more you do it, the more it becomes a habit. … If someone forgets to dial 10 digits, a recording will just tell them to redial the number.”

The 364 code is being added because 270 numbers were “basically used up,” she said. New numbers with the 364 area code will begin to be issued in March.

Tonietti-Goodman said customers who haven’t yet updated their saved numbers to 10 digits but want to transfer their contacts to a new phone must manually enter the area code into each contact before transferring, because the information will transfer in the same format that it was stored.

According to, callers will not need to dial “1” or a “0” when dialing locally. Dialing procedures will not change for services that use three-digit numbers, such as 911 and 411, or for long distance calls that require dialing “1.”

No one in the 270 area code will be required to change his or her number, the website said.

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