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September 7, 2012

Batteries keep the beat

GLASGOW — Stanley Wilson sometimes gets a few funny looks when he’s out in public. Wearing a specially-designed vest, Wilson has a large battery in each of his two side pockets, and a small computer in his front pocket, with some cords poking out. In his hand, he carries a black bag with a red heart patient tag on it.

“I run on batteries,” Wilson said.

Wilson had a heart attack at age 40, and his “lazy” heart has required two open-heart surgeries and three additional surgeries over the following 21 years.

“My family had a history, but I didn’t expect it to happen to me, you know how that goes,” Wilson said.

The heart doesn’t play fair, Wilson said. Wilson’s only warning was a small flutter a few days before his heart attack, and he paid no attention to it. The day of the attack, Wilson was picking up his children, and pain in his chest built up and intensified until he went to the local doctor in Cave City. He was immediately transferred to Caverna Memorial Hospital. He stayed there for four or five days while he stabilized, Wilson said, and then he was transferred to T.J. Samson Community Hospital and stayed for several weeks.

He knows he should have paid more attention to his health and weight, Wilson said, but “til I was middle-aged and past, I thought there was no stopping me.”

“I really didn’t take care of my heart when I was younger,” Wilson said. “I worked, but I didn’t exercise. I didn’t eat right. I liked McDonald’s. It will catch up to you, I promise.”


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