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June 4, 2014

YOUR VIEW: T.J. team special part of community

GLASGOW — Dear Editor,

I wanted to take a moment and share my family’s experience at T.J. Samson. 

After my son tumbled and opened a sizeable gash above his ear at 9 p.m., our option was simple ... let’s go to the ER (which was surprisingly a very popular spot on May 27).

It wasn’t until after our visit that I reflected on just how fortunate we are to live in a community with such a vital service.

Had it not been for T.J., medical attention would have had to have been sought in Bowling Green, as opposed to down the street. It’s easy to sometimes take this convenience for granted, but after that night, I am truly thankful we have it available to us when needed.

I cannot express the level of compassion and professionalism the staff extended to my family. From the receptionist who consoled my wife and made sure she was occupied as staples were inserted, to the nurses who were genuinely concerned with the well-being of my son, to the doctor whose bedside manner was exemplary, all the way to the security officer who lent a helping hand to restrain an unhappy little fellow. It was such a great team effort on their part that my wife and I felt obligated to share with others.

It’s not often positive stories are passed on, but thanks to all the wonderful people at T.J., we wanted to make sure that they knew how appreciative we are for their service.

Brian Clemmons


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