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May 9, 2014

Can’t rely on government officials to explain gas price

Dear Editor,

I appreciate Mike Padgett’s letter concerning the price of gas in Glasgow. His idea of everyone banding together and refusing to buy gas locally might work. It probably would if folks would stick together, but the sellers know that’s not likely to happen.

After I read the two long paragraphs from the state officials, I said to myself, “What did they say?”  Seems to me it would take a good Philadelphia lawyer to figure those out.

Their explanation reminded me of an episode from “Gilligan’s Island” many years ago. There was a dream sequence in the show where Gilligan was a dictator. He was on a balcony overlooking his many subjects as he said: “I promise you this, that and the other thing.”

That’s about how much sense you get when you ask government officials to explain high gas prices.  

David Keith

Smiths Grove


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