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September 10, 2007

Letter to the editor

Take alcohol battle to God

From all the comments made thus far, pro and con, involving the “moist” issue, we identify and find common ground that Glasgow and the surrounding area is a good place to live. On Aug. 30, Ron Lewis brought congratulations to Barren County officials on being named the best place to live in rural America by Progressive Farmer Magazine earlier this year.

Having never been involved in a “wet/dry” vote prior to 2000, the outcome of that experience left a very bad impression, not by votes cast (everyone who is eligible should vote) but how it polarized and pitted individuals against each other. In some cases, people who would normally converse and share the day couldn’t speak on nothing else until an argument would ensue and unfortunately it’s repeating itself again.

Any statement made is going to be scrutinized in this campaign on both sides of the spectrum. The lines have been drawn, battle plans are being made ready and the attack is soon to be under way.

What is being judged here in this “moist” election is moral values. Anyone can tell you morality cannot be legislated. It’s impossible! Aren’t there enough laws on the books already for everyone to live right, but look at our world. Look at our world!

What we need goes beyond an election of morality, what we need are people turning from their wicked ways toward a Holy God begging for His mercy. Nothing, absolutely nothing should come in between Christ and you. What we are fighting against are matters of the heart and who is going to rule us. Until and unless, we seek the Lord in humility and lay all this other “stuff” at his feet, and lift up the banner of holiness and righteousness we are going to continue to fight these wars around us. Listen everyone, it’s time to repent! Come to the place of surrendering your will to Christ. Come one and all for the ground is level at the Cross.

Bob Cooper


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