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September 7, 2007

Letters to the Editor

Summer Shade field fan looks forward to reunion

I recently read with great delight of the upcoming reunion/old-timers game involving players of by-gone eras at the Summer Shade field.

Although I’d played many softball and baseball games in the cow pastures of Mt. Gilead and Rockbridge, it was on the “hill” that I played my first organized game of softball with umpires. That was in the summer of 1964. It looked like we might depart with a victory but a rocket launched by Greg Lake that ended up somewhere near the “pond in the holler” dashed our hopes.

And although I have so many fond memories of that field as a member of the Rockbridge, T-ville All-Stars and Deposit Bank softball teams, I can’t help but remember some gentlemen who have gone on and won’t be thereon the Sept. 22. Mitchell Word, Wondell Branstetter and Joe Bowles were so much of the lore and tradition of that park. Their true love of the game of softball and their sportsmanship involved was always evident.

My favorite memories of the field will always be: 1) seeing a ball come flying into the infield area from the darkness of the left field foul area, 2) the hand-operated hanging numbers scoreboard that would have the digits knocked off about once a game by a foul line drive, and 3) the smell of the fish cooking in the Lions’ Club fish fry — best fish sandwiches I ever ate. I was there the night Alan Feldhaus hit the ball over the center field lights that was found somewhere near Nobob.

I applaud those involved in the organization of this special event. I look forward to attending and possibly pinch-hitting with about three bats duct-taped together. I hope to see many teammates and opponents who share memories of that time-honored softball diamond with me.

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Letters to the Editor
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  • Letters to the Editor I recently read with great delight of the upcoming reunion/old-timers game involving players of by-gone eras at the Summer Shade field.

    September 7, 2007

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