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Letters to the Editor

September 6, 2007

Letters to the Editor


Let ME teach my children. I don’t need you to do it for me or legislate how I should do it. In return, I won’t try to teach your children and force my values on them. I have taught my children that drinking alcohol responsibly by someone of legal age is fine. On occasion, I have drunk beer, wine and liquor in front of my children and will continue to do so. And I have also taught them right from wrong, good from bad. They know that drinking under age, drinking and driving, and drinking irresponsibly are wrong. And one day I am sure they will have a glass of wine with their dinner while dining out. And I am fine with that. I just hope it can be in the town they call home.

Steve Jones

Glasgow / Barren County

Yes vote will not help Glasgow

Let’s see what happened during the mid-1930s when Glasgow voted to go wet. It did not bring in the fabulous restaurants, nor did it increase the city budget. So a few years later Glasgow voted to go dry.

So voting to go wet did not help Glasgow at all.

If voted wet, where are those fabulous eateries that are going to come to Glasgow? How is whiskey going to enhance our economy?

No, voting yes will not bring in those wonderful eating places as promised, nor will it add to our economy. A wet vote will not help our town to grow.

All along Glasgow has grown without the aid of going wet and it will continue to grow. Think positive. We still need a good Glasgow as we have had for so many years without the aid of whiskey.

W.J. McDaniel


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