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Letters to the Editor

September 6, 2007

Letters to the Editor


Horse Cave doesn’t have alcohol. Yet they have an adult bookstore and other problems — and alcoholics. Voting YES in November won’t create package liquor stores in Glasgow — that would take a whole other set of law changing. So there must be something other than alcohol in restaurants that causes these things. And I would put forward that this “something” is a general lack of teaching of consistent overall moral values in our world today. But teaching moral values is not the same as legislating them AND it is not based on a single issue, such as alcohol by the drink. And teaching selective morality is even worse than not teaching morality at all. If we teach our children right from wrong and how to make the right choices our individual faiths dictate, then we won’t have to try and force everyone to align with a single minority viewpoint when compared to the rest of the country and the world. Teach your children not to drink — but don’t make it illegal for me to have a glass of wine with dinner. Just as you can either teach your kids the danger of smoking to help them avoid that deadly habit or teach them that it’s an “OK” vice because we grow that here and it’s part of our economy and pays your bills. Where’s the law to completely outlaw and ban smoking?

We have PROOF that smoking kills. Yet it’s legal. If drinking brings on all of this evil and we want it to be illegal, why don’t we also push through a total ban on tobacco products since they kill?

The reason why we don’t? Because morality today is selective.

People are moral about what will advance their personal or professional agendas and have no problem ignoring other things that we know are not good for society if they will damage their moral high ground, social position or financial standing.

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Letters to the Editor