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Letters to the Editor

August 31, 2007

Letters to the Editor

All ‘no’ vote points are good

I have been reading the letters on the alcohol issue and I want to agree with each one that is against it. They have made a lot of good points.

I have a few to add.

If the citizens of Glasgow will go back to when the lottery was voted in you will remember all the promises made about the schools. I doubt that any of the schools have seen any lottery money. We were promised no more school taxes. If you have been reading the paper, school taxes are going up. So that was a bunch of empty promises.

Now, about the alcohol, more empty promises – better restaurants (most of the big chain restaurants won’t locate here, the population of Glasgow is too small), more jobs for Glasgow – what kind? A rehab hospital for people to go to dry out? Bigger hospital ERs for drunks, abuse and accidents. Is this the kind of growth you want? If factories think more of alcohol than the kind of workers then something is wrong with that factory and we don’t need them.

We tell our kids to say no to drugs, then vote alcohol in. What kind of standard is this for our children?

This is not the community I want my grandchildren to grow up in. So please vote no to alcohol.

If this passes and you serve alcohol in a restaurant, who’s going to say when someone has had enough? Say this person comes in, orders a steak and alcoholic beverage, while he’s eating his steak, he drinks 10 drinks. So I ask, who sets a limit? Will this restaurant just let this person get up, pay his bill and walk out and get behind the wheel of a car.

So please say no to alcohol for our families’ sakes.

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