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Letters to the Editor

August 22, 2007

Letters to the Editor

Alcohol will keep county No. 1

Barren County was voted the best rural place to live by a magazine. OK, already ... I got it. But the question is ... at what price?

The article made a point about how hard it is to get young doctors here. It’s no wonder! We’re still living in the 19th century. We can’t expect to attract educated professionals when we are going to dictate every facet of their lives to them. They have studied hard, they work hard and expect a few nice places to relax and meet with friends. They will want to eat a pizza, listen to a good band and maybe even drink a beer. They will not be willing to drive 40 miles to do it. Nor should they have to.

I know all about the pros and cons of alcohol use. I have been in two automobile accidents in my life. Both caused by drunk drivers. My father-in-law was an alcoholic for over 40 years and yet I come from a family of missionaries and preachers. So I can see both sides.

I choose not to drink much (6-8 beers a year), but the key word here is “Choose.” But, if I choose to have a beer I would like to do it in Glasgow.

I want my money to stay here. Recently we had some guests for the weekend. To entertain them I had no choice but to drive to Bowling Green. As time goes by I’m finding that we shop more and more out of town.

Let’s face the facts folks. Anyone that wants a beer will get it, and it will be abused from time to time. It always has, always will.

As the vote draws closer you will notice an outcry of opposition to the idea. Take a step back, and think about who is really behind it. The churches, the uninformed, and the Bowling Green Liquor stores who are scared to death of losing all the business from Barren County.

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Letters to the Editor