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August 10, 2007

Letter to the Editor

Look closely, Kentucky. School is already under way and your children are sweltering. Your school districts are spending millions of dollars keeping their buildings habitable. Your school buses are stalling, unable to handle the heat. Your athletes are pushing their bodies beyond any reasonable limit as they train for “fall” sports in the middle of summer. Your tourism industry is foundering, as millions of travel dollars are lost to an all-too-brief summer.

Look closely, Kentucky. Your school calendars are built around a flawed and faulty test (CATS). The testing window is in the early spring, leaving your students to party the rest of the year away, since all formal instruction ceases after the test is administered.

Look closely, Kentucky. Look at your calendar and remember. Give our children back their summer. Save millions of dollars and provide our children with more days of valuable instruction. Contact your senator or representative today and remind them that these are the dog days of August, days when a dog shouldn’t have to move.

Portia B. Pennington

Bowling Green

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