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Letters to the Editor

August 9, 2007

Letters to the Editor

Traffic fine of $900 doesn’t make sense

I must comment on your published article of 7/17 regarding a new Virginia law which will level huge fines for traffic violations. The article encourages the Kentucky legislator to follow Virginia and New Jersey and enact similar legislation in Kentucky. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems like the penalty should fit the crime. That’s justice.

A misdemeanor traffic violation in no way warrants a $900 fine. The article also indicates that the intent is to raise money for roads. Kentucky already has money for roads. I have lived in other states and, trust me, the roads here are fine.

Gimmicks like the article described are just another way for the governor to tax — plain and simple. Taxes are leveled in a multitude of ways, e.g. income, sales, property, etc.

Why so many ways to tax? So that you don’t realize how much you are paying. Before anyone asks me for another dime, I’d like to know what the money is needed for. Not in general terms like roads or education, but exactly what for? Salaries? Pensions?

Also, before asking for more money I’d like to see what specific things are being done to reduce costs and what results. We need more accountability for tax money. The rest of us who work in business must reduce costs to be competitive and to survive. Government should be run like a business.

Harold Rumple


Thanks offered to Relay volunteers

Brandy Burch and Sarah Hampton, co-chairs for the 2007 Relay For Life of Barren County, want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their hard work and dedication to the 2007 Relay. We had such wonderful sponsors, teams and of course, our survivors. The reason we came out all night – to raise money, walk and stay up all night – even in the rain – like we were pleased to do this year, is to keep the awareness of cancer and our fight against it on everyone’s minds.

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Letters to the Editor