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Letters to the Editor

August 8, 2007

Letters to the Editor

Writer praises animal control

Animal control – we had to use their services on July 18 at Merry Oaks-Railton Road to pick up a dog and puppies that had come to our barn.

I want to say they are the best. They are tops on everything and very patient and polite.

I want to say we need to get them more help. I want to say some of the inmates at the jail could do their time and learn a trade and make an honest living with animal control.

This hot weather, one person could run in to bad trouble with the mean animals.

I mean for this letter to be nice and we thank them very much.

Loretta Woods

Smiths Grove

Support for a ‘dry’ Glasgow

Glasgow was a “dry city” when Barren County was voted as “Best Place to Live” and still got that vote.

Knowing this evidently didn’t make that much difference when those doing the survey made that decision.

Let’s keep Glasgow and Barren County dry and continue to be the best place to live.

God will bless us for this decision.

Thank you.

Mary Jane Hall


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