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Letters to the Editor

August 7, 2007

Letters to the Editor

Man against alcohol sales in Glasgow

The group who wants to make Glasgow “moist” with alcohol being served at fine restaurants says that everyone has a right to express their opinion on the matter. I would like to express mine.

I was around alcohol when I was growing up and also have consumed my share of it. Personally, I have never seen any good come from alcohol consumption.

Any positives are outweighed by the negatives. There are many examples to why I am against bringing liquor to Glasgow, but I will give you what I feel are some prime reasons not to.

What kind of message will this send to the young people in Glasgow and Barren County? Wouldn’t they think, well, if it’s OK for adults to drink with their meals, isn’t it okay for me to drink just a little?

And how would you feel when you find out a child of yours has decided to do so, whether while they are eating or wherever? And even if your child is past 21 years old, you should be worried. Are they going to drink too much? Will they drink just prior to driving? Will that first drink eventually lead to a lifelong alcohol addiction?

One of the leaders of the group said that alcohol is available practically throughout the world and that is one reason why it should come to Glasgow. Why do we want to be like the rest of the world? Why change the wonderful, unique character of our town?

Recently, Cave City decided to go moist and I cannot see that it has brought positive change in any way. Just from reading about City Council meetings, it seems trouble has descended on the town.

Barren County was named by Progressive Farmer magazine as the best place in rural America to live. Why would anyone want to mess up what outsiders see as a great place to live and raise a family? Very possibly, any jobs created by the legalization of alcohol in any form will come at a very high price and the cost would be too great to take a chance on.

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Letters to the Editor