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Letters to the Editor

August 6, 2007

Letters to the Editor

County resident wants in on alcohol vote

As a resident of Barren County with a Glasgow mailing address, I feel that the latest, partially wet, petition drive for signatures should include all the folks like us.

Previous attempts to pass such legislation have made it only for Glasgow residents. This is totally discriminatory and nearsighted. Where else can us folks that live outside the city limits go to eat, shop or do just about anything else that matters?

Let all residents with a Glasgow mailing address be eligible to sign any petition and vote on any referendum pertaining to limited alcohol sales. We have lived from coast to coast and border to border and this is our first dry county of residence. The hypocrisy of it is staggering. We have never picked up as many beer bottles anywhere in the USA than we do in our front yard.

The doom and gloomers predicting Armageddon if you can have a drink with dinner will never have their mindset changed. It is, however, time to change the status quo in Glasgow to allow decent restaurants to come here and thrive.

Does anyone see Bowling Green being rampant with evil due to alcohol sales? I think not. The place is booming.

Lets get with the 21st century around here.

Bob and Doris Olinick


Writer yearns for civility in Cave City

I have proudly owned my business for 27 years in Cave City. At the beginning I was welcomed by the city, the Chamber and the good citizens of this town and I continue to enjoy making my home here.

Now it appears we have a group of people that are trying to hold our local government hostage. Our mayor and his staff along with the fire, police and maintenance department must feel like the early Christians when they were persecuted by Saul, whose only wish was to destroy them and all they had done.

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Letters to the Editor