Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

October 11, 2011

Clinic offers free stretching help

Glasgow Daily Times

BOWLING GREEN — A local physical therapy office is offering community members free stretching demonstrations and instructional tools in honor of physical therapy month this October.

Kentucky Orthopedic Rehab Team (KORT) is trying to raise awareness of the importance of stretching at its offices across the state, according to a company press release, and employees at its Glasgow office are participating in the company’s push for better stretching. Local residents are encouraged to call the office and make an appointment to have a KORT employee teach them how to stretch properly, Glasgow clinic director Dewayne Miller said.

“It’s just a way to teach people about prevention ... A lot of people don’t think about stretching, but a little bit of stretching can prevent injury,” Miller said.

Teaching proper stretching techniques is a good way to celebrate physical therapy month because such a minor thing can go a long way to keep a person’s health strong, Miller said. The clinic would like those who want to take advantage of the free stretching demonstration to call ahead and schedule a convenient time, but once they get there an employee will ask the patient where they have trouble, and they will tailor a stretching routine to address each person’s individual needs.

“We kind of pinpoint where they’re having trouble,” Miller said.

The KORT press release reviews some important aspects of how to stretch properly. A person should warm up before stretching, such as walking for five to 10 minutes. Stretching a “cold” muscle can lead to injury. Each stretch should be held 15 to 30 seconds, without bouncing, and movements should be gentle. It is also extremely important to stretch after exercising.

“Stretching should be part of everyone’s daily routine,” said KORT physical therapist Dr. Chad Garvey in the press release. “In the interest of time, we often neglect to stretch at the end of an exercise routine, but as we age, our muscle flexibility and range of motion in the joints begin to decline and stretching becomes ever more important.”

Everyone who takes the time to stop by for a 15-minute stretching demonstration this month at KORT will not only learn the right stretches to do, but the proper technique in which to do them, Miller said.

“You can set yourself up for an injury if you don’t use proper stretching techniques ... It’s important for people to know the proper stretches to use and also the proper techniques,” Miller said.

The free stretching demonstrations being offered by KORT throughout October take about 15 minutes, and the clinic will also give out free therabands, or resistance exercise bands, as well as an instructional flier, according to the press release. Android and iPhone users can also download a free stretching app through KORT’s website, which provides pictures and explanations of 33 stretches.

The Glasgow KORT office is located at 102 Hippocrates Way in Professional Park. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 629-5678.