Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY


July 13, 2012

Have Gun, Will Simulate

Reporter tries hand at police training

GLASGOW — Sometimes there is nothing more real to a person that does not deal with emergency situations on a daily basis than a simulation of a crisis.

For the law enforcement in the area, their first training can’t be in the field where the dangers are very real.

So, in a basement of a public building in Glasgow, they go through the training necessary with the help of an action-based scenario simulator that chooses a scene and,depending on how the officer responds to the action, it can be changed to go in different directions.

This is not a “choose your own adventure” and it is certainly not a video game.

 The training simulator that the Glasgow Police Department and other local agencies will be able to train with for a month, involves graphic violence, potentially traumatizing situations and lessons on how to avoid using deadly force at all costs.

It felt sort of strange at first to be talking to a person on an overhead projector screen, but when I remembered the background that he had shot a person already and was now pointing a gun at me, my mind went straight to telling him to put the gun down.

Models of everyday police equipment were at my disposal, all with a laser to locate where a shot went, or where a TASER probe landed or where the pepper spray went.

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