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August 12, 2008

Don’t count on chickens until trip plans are hatched




The night before our trip, we gave the girls a list of items to bring. A swimsuit and changes of clothing would limit the surprise, so we added a few random items to the list: a can of SpaghettiO’s, can opener, pillow, blanket and gloves.

Eagerly, the girls scanned the list and tried to guess our destination. Ashley soon gave an excited whoop, declaring, “Yeah! We’re going camping!”

Before seeing my reaction, Erin burst into tears, crying “I don’t want to go camping!”

This scene played out as expected, with both girls carrying on and on with their opinions of camping. It’s not often that you can watch your children be confused and upset and be laughing on the inside at the same time.

We never let up on our ruse, not even on the morning of our trip. We did, however, give into one of their requests.

“How about if we guess the right place, will you tell us?” they begged.

We agreed.

Ironically, it seemed that every time we passed by a huge Holiday World billboard the girls would be turned away busy looking at something else.

Finally, they were looking at the right spot at the right time. “Is it Holiday World?” they asked, thrilled when we confessed that was our destination.

And their reaction? Of course they were happy – happy to not be plucking chickens!

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