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January 23, 2014

Colorful Clay

She turns polymer beads into jewelry

GLASGOW — Editor’s Note: This one of an ongoing series of articles about members of the Arts Guild of the Barrens

Penny Boeckmann has made jewelry for several years, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings, sometimes using brightly colored beads made from polymer clay.

“The kind [of jewelry] I make always changes,” she said. “I make all kinds.”

The polymer clay beads are typically swirls of color, sometimes representative of the seasons.

“I like color and with clay I can use all different colors,” she said.

As finance director for the Caverna Independent School District, Boeckmann sometimes makes jewelry using the school district’s colors of purple and white. She’s also been known to make jewelry using collegiate colors of local interest: blue and white and red and white.

Boeckmann is also sometimes asked to make jewelry to match a certain client’s outfit.

Occasionally, she makes jewelry using wire or braided leather, and she also paints and makes scarves.

“Just whatever somebody is interested in,” she said.   

She sells some of what she makes at the Arts of Guild of the Barrens’ gallery at 212 On The Main.

“I joined the guild because I went to LeDean [Hamilton’s] birthday party. Some people from the guild were there and said I needed to join the guild, so I did,” Boeckmann said.

Aside from buying her creations directly, the art guild’s gallery is the only place where her jewelry can be purchased. Boeckmann does not attend craft fairs or set up at other venues.

“Mostly, I would rather be making the stuff than selling it,” she said.

Boeckmann said she has always enjoyed making things, as well as receiving handmade gifts.

“I think it’s cool to get something someone made, because it’s one of a kind,” she said.

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