Glasgow Daily Times, Glasgow, KY

April 2, 2009

Kentucky Repertory Theatre closes in on goal

Special report

HORSE CAVE — Following a nationwide, six-week campaign to “Save a Kentucky Treasure,” Kentucky Repertory Theatre has succeeded in raising $280,000 toward its $350,000 goal.

With only $70,000 to go, it is clear that the goal is within reach and the campaign will continue.

The Theatre will soon be announcing its summer season and is making plans for the fall. In the meantime, fundraising continues.

Following a grass-roots campaign that included hundreds of donors across Kentucky, across the United States, and beyond, Kentucky Repertory Theatre has earned $280,000. Most donations were from individual donors and under $1,000.

Donors have come from across the country, from all age groups, from all walks of life. Many people, themselves hard-hit by the recession, have offered in-kind donations, including a series of special events ranging from a rummage sale to a benefit concert.

Local restaurants have had special fundraising days, donating proceeds to the theater. Civic and community organizations have also contributed, some more than once.

While $70,000 remains to be raised, additional fundraising events are scheduled and donations continue to arrive daily. The staff and board are now confident the goal is within reach.

Plans are currently being finalized for the summer season and will be announced within the week.

Although the response has been overwhelming and the goal is near, but help is still needed to save this unique theater.

“To all who have made it possible to keep our doors open by donating, helping with the fund drive, forwarding e-mails, or contributing time and services, we say a heartfelt ‘Thank you,’” said Artistic Director Robert Brock commented. “We are so close. For those of you who have hesitated to give, now is the time to act. With your help, we will make it to the top.”