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May 21, 2014

Women’s athletics will be added at Glasgow Highland Games

GLASGOW — Women will be taking part in athletic competitions at the Glasgow Highland Games for the first time in the history of the games.

Women’s athletics have been a part of highland games events elsewhere for about 15 years.

“Women’s sports have really come of their own and we thought it would be very good to let younger girls, hopefully those in high school or junior high school, get an opportunity to see how girls can even compete and do well in some of the hardest sports,” said Bob Harrison, president of the Glasgow Highland Games. “We also thought the public would enjoy seeing [the competitions].”

The 2013 world champion of the women’s heavy weight athletic events, Adriana Wilson and the 2014 champion, Danielle Curry, are expected to compete in the games, Harrison said.

The games will feature the men’s athletic competitions as well.

Returning to the games this year will be a jousting demonstration. The last time jousting was a featured event at the games was 2002.

“What we are hoping is that we can get a really good local crowd out there, because if things go right they are coming here this year to test and see if they want to hold the American Jousting Championships with us next year,” Harrison said. “We really, really need as many people as we can get on the field this year. We need to make a very good impression.”

Attracting the American Jousting Championships to the games has been something event organizers have been working on for about six years.

“I cannot think of anything that would be any more exciting to watch than if we have the North American championships the following year,” he said.

The Omega Force Strength Team will be hosting the regional heavy weight lifting championships at the games also this year.

“We will have the reigning world record holder, Randy Richey here too,” Harrison said.

Also returning to the games this year will be Scottish Highland Dancing. Katie Snyder of Franklin, Tenn. Will be demonstrating the dance form, which has not been featured at the games for several years.

The games will also feature a massed bands performance, which is set to take place at noon on Saturday.

“What usually happens is myself and a couple of other people try to improvise on the featured song as the massed bands come onto the field,” he said. “We send it down to Bill Pennington, who is the director of the Chattanooga Symphony and he puts it into the correct music notation. They do very well with that.”

About eight pipe and drum bands are expected to compete at the games, he said.

The chief of the games is Marquis of Lothian. Lunch with the chief is set to take place at noon May 30 at Barren River Lake State Resort Park.

“He is a national hero for personally stopping a terrorist attack by himself,” Harrison said. “He is chief of Clan Kerr and has been a member of the House of Lords and has a very high standing in the House of the Lords. This is the first time he has been at highland games since 1995.”

As for entertainment at the games, Seven Nations, Def Leprechaun, Father Son and Friends, Colin Grant-Adams, the Red River Fiddlers and Strings of Erin will all return.

Many of the performers will take part in the annual City of Glasgow Ceilidh May 30 at the Plaza Theatre and throughout both days of the games.  

A new band that will be performing at the games will be Feckless Fear Dearg of Bowling Green, which will join other bands at the various entertainment pavilions May 31 and June 1.

Performing at the annual Tartan Ball on May 31 will be The Cassidy Band.

The games will also feature events for children, information on various Scottish clans and traditional Scottish foods, as well as other concessions.

For more information about the games, including tickets, go to www.glasgowhighland, or call the Glasgow Highland Games’ office at 270-651-3141.

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