PELHAM, NH (WMUR/CNN) – Two neighbors are facing criminal charges from a fight over snow removal.

It happened Wednesday night, when Issam Mousa and his teenage son were plowing a neighborhood road.

“And all of a sudden, I heard four very loud bangs on the side window,” Mousa said.

Mousa said the sound was his neighbor, Eric Chojnacki, armed with an ax.

“I opened the door and he’s like, ‘You just pushed snow onto my lawn.’ I said, 'This is why you’re here, with an ax, banging on my window?’” Mousa said.

Mousa denied plowing any snow onto Chojnacki’s lawn.

"I told him, I said, 'You're not getting away with this. Don't come to people's doors with an ax in your hand over snow. Whether it happened or did not happen,’" Mousa said.

While Mousa’s son called 911, Mousa said Chojnacki shoved him, ax still in hand.

"Of course, I didn't want to go down and have somebody with an ax on top of me,” Mousa said. “I grabbed his clothes and brought him down with me."

Chojnacki was charged with criminal threatening, and Mousa was charged with simple assault.

Mousa questioned why he was arrested.

"During the physical altercation, Mr. Mousa struck Mr. Chojnacki in the face and head area," said Capt. Stephen Toom of the Pelham Police Department.

Chojnacki could not be reached for his side of the story.

Mousa is now considering a home security system.

"We had peace of mind and security in this area,” Mousa said. “My kids would go out and play and do whatever they want to do. Now, all of a sudden, that's been robbed from us. My wife is scared."

Both men will be arraigned at later dates.

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