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January 14, 2014

Council approves money for park

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW — It’s still winter, but Cave City Councilwoman Carol Ford is already thinking about spring.

The city council agreed Monday night to amend the city’s 2014 budget by $10,000 –  money that will be used to build playground equipment and install fencing at the Thomas Doyle Recreation Park.

The council’s action followed a motion by Ford, who said she wants the work done by spring so it will be ready for residents to use.

After the meeting, Ford said that when the council prepared the 2014 budget, no money was allocated for the parks and recreation fund because nothing was taking place at the park.

“We are trying to get it up going and that’s why I made the motion to amend the budget,” she said.

Before her motion was approved, the council discussed whether or not the timing was right.

City Clerk Jennifer Freeman pointed out that the council typically doesn’t amend the budget in January.

“We don’t technically do any amending until the end of the [fiscal] year,” Freeman said, adding it would also depend on when the council was planning to spend the money and if the city could cover the expenditures.

“We’ve got all this playground equipment. We’ve got fencing that’s got to be put up. It’s going to take money to do it,” said Councilman Gary Minor. “I’d like to see it completed by June.”

“Or, sooner,” Ford said.

Minor pointed out that having the playground ready for use probably will draw more people to the park and its walking trail. Eventually, perhaps the city could build a pavilion or two at the park.

There was also discussion regarding the city’s various accounts and which one Ford was referencing.

The city has established a special Brian Doyle Ball Park Fund, which is separate from the parks and recreation fund included in the city’s budget. There is also an income account for the Brian Doyle Ball Park for donations, one of which the council received from Kentucky Utilities on Monday night in the amount of $5,000.

“I guess the question is are you recommending to transfer to our budgeted parks and rec [fund], or to our special ball park fund?” asked Mayor Dwayne Hatcher.

Ford said she wanted the money placed into the city’s parks and recreation fund.

“Because we have nothing in there,” she said. “We’re going to have to have help putting the equipment up, and it’s going to cost money.”

Robert Smith, code enforcement officer who also serves as secretary for the council meetings, said there was no money in the parks and recreation fund because, “We just hadn’t been allotting any money for it.”

Hatcher said parks and recreation is a budgetary area that the city will have to look at more seriously in the future.

“We didn’t put much in previously because we really didn’t have anything out there,” he said. “That’s another area that we’re really going to have to look at come budget time.”

Councilman Seaborn Ellzey suggested the budget be amended by $5,000 now, and another $5,000 in June.

“The cash flow is what I’m worried about,” Ellzey said.

Councilman Wesley Pedigo supported Ford’s motion and said, “I think if we’re going to do this thing, we need to do it.”

He also said he didn’t think Ford’s request was absurd and that the work to set up the equipment would probably cost more than $5,000.

“I think $10,000 is a reasonable amount that she’s asked for,” he said.

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